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5 Natural Laws

For the change-maker who wishes to weave organic change, rather than force or fight

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Be a Weaver of Organic Change

For the healers, change-makers, visionaries, transformational facilitators...

Find out more about mastering these natural laws, to help you beneficially influence the change you want to see in the world.
When you understand these key laws (principles) & how to apply them to life, you really become a change maker, using them to aid you in almost any circumstance.

  • Learn 5 principles of nature so you can apply it in your life and effect change towards an outcome for everyone’s benefit
  • Embody each of the 5 natural laws to understand the power of nature’s sustaining force and access it whenever you need
  • Understand the dark side of using the laws, so you can use it wisely and stay in alignment with nature

Leah Foley (Invoke Spirit)

Medical Intuitive, Intuitive healer/coach
Leah has been working as a healer for over 10 years & has studied & experienced various healing styles and modalities, ranging from bodywork to mineral balancing, to emotional processing to energy healing. In recent years, she has created her own form of medical intuition, as well as various healing/coaching processes.
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